Legal Rights Protect Children

Last year, Plan International Ireland gave legal protection to 176,991 children securing their futures.


Lack of legal protection for children is is a global problem. Without a protective environment, children have no shield from harm, abuse and exploitation.

Worldwide each year, it is estimated

  1. 51 million children’s birth are not registered

  2. 40 million children are abused

  3. 150 million girls and 73 million boys experience sexual violence

  4. 1.8 million children are involved in prostitution and pornography

  5. 1.2 million children are victims of trafficking.


All children and young people realise their right to protection from abuse, neglect, exploitation and violence.

Plan International Ireland works to ensure that all children are safe and protected from abuse, neglect, exploitation and violence. We do this through services designed to prevent exploitation of children such as providing birth certificates and ensuring legal protection for children.

We campaign for and promote adequate strong support within families and communities. We also raise public awareness in Ireland and our programme countries of  the right of all children to protection and access the skills and knowledge that will help them to protect themselves.


Invested in Child Protection


Staff trained in best practice


Learned Skills and Awareness

"My Birth Certificate Stopped My Marriage"

When my mother informed me that I was to be married, I cried and couldn’t eat. Watch, how, thanks to proper legal protection via a birth cert Shaheeda, was saved from marriage.