Development Education Resources

Plan International Ireland have developed Development Education Resources for both Primary and Post Primary Schools.

Here in Plan International Ireland, we want to help make Development Education a part of daily lessons. We have created a user-friendly Teachers Handbook and Interactive Student Resources which are fun and all linked to all aspects of the Primary and Post Primary Education curriculum.

Our resources are unique; we have not only created lesson plans contained in the teachers handbook, but we have developed interactive whiteboard friendly student resources, containing lots of games, pictures and videos to keep your class engaged.

We’re working to support teachers to adapt these resources for use in the online classroom as a result of the COVID-19 crisis. Please use the guidance document and tutorial video below to utilise our primary and post-primary resources remotely. 

Click here to download our ‘Development Education for Remote Learning‘ guide.


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Primary School Resources

The interactive resource contains four modules, with five lessons in each, covering four different global issues aimed at different age groups ranging from 6 – 12 years old.

The first module is on Gender and is aimed at 1st – 2nd class, the second module covers issues in the concept of Inequality and is made for 3rd – 4th class. The third module is on Migration and Refugees and is tailored to 5th – 6th class and the fourth module is on Climate Change and is aimed at 3rd – 4th class.

Use the resource today!

– Step 1: Download the Teacher Handbook.

– Step 2: Download the Interactive PDF.
Module 1, Gender: Page 2 – 50.
Module 2, Global Inequality: Page 51 – 103.
Module 3, Migration and Refugees: Page 104 – 150.
Module 4, Climate Change: Page 151 – 178.

It couldn’t be easier!

Development Education Teacher Handbook

Teacher Handbook

Development Education Student Resource

Interactive Handbook

Post Primary School Resources

This resource can be used throughout Post Primary School and contains three modules covering global issues of Gender, Global Inequality and Migration and Refugees. Each module contains five lessons which are designed for your people aged 12-18 years old.

The modules have not been aimed at a specific year group however are flexible so that they can be incorporated into the new Junior Cycle Programme, the Leaving Certificate Programme or as a standalone Transition Year Course. The lessons cover a wide range of topics and link with many areas of the curriculum as is also outlined in the teacher’s handbook.

Check out the resource today.

– Step 1: Download the Teacher Handbook

– Step 2: Select the module you would like to use to obtain the Interactive Student Resource below.

It couldn’t be easier!

Development Education Teacher Handbook

Teacher Handbook

Interactive Student Resource

Module 1: Gender Concept

Interactive Student Resource

Module 2: Global Inequality

Interactive Student Resource

Module 3: Migration and Refugees