Village Savings & Loans Association - Plan's Economic Security Progamme in action

In Kazo Angola, a poor area in Kampala, Uganda, Plan is helping people save through simple, sustainable and measurable progammes. Ntuyo will explain..

A Banana Story

In Kazo Angola, a poor area in Kampala, Uganda, Plan has initiated several Savings Groups.

The groups meet weekly in the large assembly hall in Kazo Angola. Each member pays in their weekly savings, and all the money collected goes into a collective pool of money. In this way, each member builds up their own savings pot.

Ntuyo Erykana Joseph took up a loan to start a banana selling business. Now he can afford to pay school tuition fees for his children and his capital is increasing slowly but surely.

Ntuyo is married with four children. He sells milk in his neighborhood using a bicycle and a 50 litre milk container but did not earn enough to send his children to school.

“I took up a loan to start selling bananas in addition”,

explains Joseph.

The loan was the starting capital he needed and paid for the 300km journey to the banana plantation, purchase of the bananas and his accommodation. When he returned he was able to start selling the bananas which yielded a good profit. He has now built up a number a number of faithful customers, including some of the other members of his Savings Group.