Responding to coronavirus in Ethiopia

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The Irish Emergency Alliance is on the ground in seven countries, including Ethiopia.

Member agency, Plan International, is supporting children & families in ethiopia to access necessities during the coronavirus pandemic

Plan International is proud to be a member of the Irish Emergency Alliance – six leading Irish charities who have come together to respond to the challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic in some of the world’s poorest and most fragile regions. 

With cases and deaths rising exponentially across the world, the Irish Emergency Alliance has united to respond on the ground in seven countries already grappling with conflict, massive numbers of refugees and displaced people, extreme poverty and poorer health infrastructure.

One of the seven appeal countries is Ethiopia, an East African country with a population of 109 million. Ethiopia has more than 1.4 million people internally displaced by violence as well as nearly 800,000 refugees from neighbouring countries. 90% of Ethiopians lack access to clean water and soap at home, and only one third of health facilities have clean water. 

Plan International has been responding to the crisis in Ethiopia through a variety of awareness raising and prevention activities, and has been distributing food and hygiene kits.

Fanta Solomon's Story

Fanta Solomon is a mother of three and lives in Addis Ababa, the capital city of Ethiopia. “Two of my children are from my deceased husband and my third one has a father, but he left me because of the other children. I feed my children with the money that I earn from working each day but now I am no longer working due to the coronavirus,” says Fanta. 

“It is very hard to live without anything and I am really wondering how long my children and I can continue to live this way.”

“When I lost hope and had no other options, I went to the Bureau of Women and Children and told them about my situation and asked them for support. They called me when Plan International started distributing food in our district.”

“It is a big relief for a person like me who doesn’t have anything to feed her children with at home. It will serve us for a few weeks and who knows for the future. What I can say now is that may God get rid of this disease so I can help myself by working like I did before,” says Fanta.

The Irish Emergency Alliance is made up of ActionAid, Christian Aid, Plan International, Self Help Africa, Tearfund and World Vision. You can support the work of the Irish Emergency Alliance so that we can save more lives together. 

Please donate at or by calling 1 800 939 979 or by texting IEA to 50300 to give €4.