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Guinea Bissau

Help girls to live a life free of Female Genital Cutting, a harmful practice that involves the excision of the external genitalia of a girl, which leads to severe health issues.

Support our BIAAG Project

Plan International Ireland’s work in Guinea Bissau aims to reduce the number of girls who undergo the harmful practice of Female Genital Cutting by raising awareness of the harm caused in 16 target communities. We will also provide medical care to women and girls who have undergone FGC.

Our project is located primarily in the east and south of the country, where the proportion of women and girls that have undergone FGC is as high as 95%.


Women and girls screened and provided with medical care


Local activists trained and supported to eradicate FGC


Of women undergo FGC in our target communities

Eradicating FGC in Guinea Bissau forever

Over 95% of women and girls in our target communities undergo unnecessary cutting of the female genitalia. There are no medical, religious or sanitary reasons for this harmful and painful practice. We’re working to make sure future generations of girls can escape this cruel practice by raising awareness of the harm it causes.

We support survivors

– We work with local health workers and the Regional Department of Health to provide psychological and specialist medical treatment for women experiencing complications as a result of FGC, in particular during childbirth.

– We financially support women to attend regional hospitals for specialist treatment as many cannot afford the cost of transport and accommodation while in hospital.

– We work in partnership with other actors to lobby for the enforcement of national legislation criminalising FGC.

– We train police officers, prosecutors and judges to improve their understanding of FGC and the need for the ethical handling of reported cases.

And now this Christmas, you can help multiply this impact, help more children and ensure no girl ever has to undergo FGC in Guinea Bissau again.

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