Girl, White blouse, white hat

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The global Girl Power Programme is being implemented in 10 countries across Asia, Africa and Latin America. The project targets girls and young women and provides them with life skills, literacy and livelihood opportunities. The women are organized to form Self Reliant Groups (SRGs), Young Women Organizations (YWOs), and cooperatives so that girls can share their experiences and find help in a safe, nurturing environment. The project also provides support for different activities to enable their economic empowerment. GPP thus contributes to ensure that girls and young women have sufficient knowledge and skills to shape their own lives.

The project also works with men and boys to help them understand the detriments of gender based violence and why it is so important for them to stay at school. Community awareness is also developed to protect girls from falling through the trapdoors of early marriage and pregnancy.

Regina*, 15, was forced to leave school because her brother refused to pay for her exams as a result of the money that could be made from her getting married. When she refused to get married, she was sent to work on a farm with her aunt. She pleaded with her brother but he refused to pay for her schooling. She has returned to school but the principle is currently paying her fees. She fears that she may have to marry soon but wants to stay in school so that she can lift herself and her family out of poverty.