"When war broke out, I had to walk 3 months to find safety"

Aminatou*, 15, is from the Central African Republic she has recently arrived at a refugee camp in Cameroon. She had to flee her native country when a vicious internal conflict erupted.


“I walked with my grandmother for three months before I reached the Cameroonian border. It was a very hard journey. I went without food and water for days. I wasn’t sure if I would survive,” she says adding she has no idea where her husband is.

“I delivered my baby a week ago on a mat inside a tent with the help of some women.”

After childbirth, Aminatou was transferred to Mbile refugee site, where she is currently waiting to be allocated a family tent.

For now, she, and her baby are in a community transit tent shared by about 120 other people. “My baby and I sleep on a mat that I borrowed from a family living in the same tent.”

“I feel sick, I can feel pain all over my body. I don’t have shoes to walk about or even clothes to wear, and neither does my baby. I wrap her with this only piece of cloth I have. It is too cold in the night, but I have no option,” she says.

Plan’s field workers in Cameroon are distributing first aid items and drugs at a health centre catering to refugees like Aminatou. We have distributed hygiene kits to 3,000 refugee families so that children and families can stay clean and stave off diseases.