Bernard Dunne

Former World Boxing Champion, Bernard Dunne has joined #TeamPlan to help us in our work in protecting children's rights.

Fighting for children – Bernard Dunne teams up with Plan International

Father of two, and former World Boxing Champion, Bernard Dunne is one of Plan International Ireland’s celebrity Ambassadors.

A broadcaster and sports commentator, Bernard will raise awareness of the rights of children, shine a light on violations of these rights, and support Plan International Ireland’s strategic programmes to protect children and empower girls.

The work that Plan International does is phenomenal. They’re on the ground, making a difference to the lives of thousands of boys and girls.

In May 2016, Bernard visited Sierra Leone to see first hand the work of Plan International, and to see why it’s so important to keep working to protect children, and empower girls.

Check out some of his photos below.

Bernard arriving to Freetown by boat.
Visiting a Village Savings and Loans Association (VSLA) in Sieraa Leone.

VSLAs support women to save, get credit and set up businesses.
Meeting Sabita, a girl with disabilities, who was rescued by Plan International through its Forgotten Children project in Moyamba.
Visiting the Mustard Seed Project in Moyamba - a project that cares for forgotten children.
Bernard and children from Moyamba Primary School which has beenc onstructed by Plan International.
Visiting a primary school supported by Plan International in Port Loko.
Bernard visiting one of Plan International's Birth Registration projects in Port Loko.