Helping children smile in Nepal

Our friends from Clowns Without Borders are bringing smiles to the faces of children in Nepal.

As we get to grips with the devastating impact of the recent earthquakes in Nepal, Plan International Ireland is ensuring that life begins to return to normal, as much as possible, for the children affected. Laughing and having fun with your friends is an important part of being a happy child.

Our friends in Clowns Without Borders recently visited a number of our Child Friendly Spaces to perform for hundreds of children, their families and even some Plan International staff!

We’ve set up 73 Child Friendly Spaces to make sure that children have safe places to play, learn and be children again.

By providing healthy distractions, we enable children to redirect their attention and focus from the earthquake and remember what being a child is about: having fun and learning with your friends.





Making children’s lives better is at the heart of everything we do.



temporary learning centres set up


children reached and supported


tarpaulins despatched