Christmas comes early to eastern Zambia

Thousands of children in 36 rural schools enjoyed Lego for the first time.

Thousands of children in eastern Zambia got an early Christmas present thanks to a generous gift from the Lego Foundation and Plan International when nine pallets of colourful Lego was delivered to 36 remote schools in eastern Zambia.

Despite many having never seeing Lego before, the children knew exactly what to do when they saw it. They dived right in and never looked back.

said David Dalton, CEO of Plan International Ireland.

With the generous support of Child Sponsors in Ireland, we’re giving children a chance to be children. To play, to learn and have fun. That’s something very special and something to be very proud of.

David added:

We’re proud to be working with the Lego Foundation. Like us, they know the value of fun and play and want every child to experience happy times no matter their circumstances in life.

Plan International and the Lego foundation have been working together for a number of years to ensure that every child, no matter where they live, can enjoy the wonder of Lego, play and learn.

Used by Plan International staff in its partner schools and it its Temporary Learning Centres (TLCs) during emergencies, Lego is a brilliant toy and learning aid and helps keep children both stimulated and entertained.

Plan International distributed nine pallets of LEGO bricks, donated by the LEGO Foundation, to various schools in Zambia to stimulate and inspire the children and bring joy and laughter into their lives.

Large boxes of LEGO bricks were delivered to 36 schools in the eastern part of Zambia. The blocks were immediately put to good use with the children building boats, planes and cars, despite the fact it was the first time they had seen or played with LEGO before. The bricks are now included as part of children's creative play and learning at these schools.
A mountain of Lego ready to be played with.
Large boxes of LEGO bricks were delivered to 36 schools in the eastern part of Zambia giving many children their first opportunity to play and learn with it.
My first Lego boat. What's next for me to build!
A child stares intently at the full array of Lego characters deciding which one to play with first.