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Sponsors Umesh from Nepal

“I had been writing back and forth with Umesh for about 5 years and – still – few things brought me as much joy as coming home to see a letter on my floor with that Plan logo on it, knowing it could be a letter from Umesh sent all the way from a small village in Nepal.”

From the letter on the doormat to a face-to-face encounter; in 2013, Tom made the decision to meet Umesh at her home in Jante village in the Kosi Zone of south-eastern Nepal.

During the visit, Tom was able to see the impact of his contribution, meet Umesh, tour her community and see first-hand the projects made possible through his sponsorship.

“I wanted to see how I was helping, so I went and saw for myself. Sponsorship offers that unique, transparent channel of communication and openness. I like that.”


For some, child sponsorship is a special relationship. Beyond the financial contributions you make as a sponsor, just being there, writing the occasional note, thinking of them – that’s why sponsoring a child is so special.

That intangible idea that far, far away, across huge distances, people are coming together, sharing dreams and hopes, daily happenings and milestone moment – it’s all about sharing. It’s what sponsoring a child with Plan Ireland is all about.

A letter from your sponsored child can make you laugh,

A child from Zimbabwe wrote that, ‘We sang like million mad mosquitoes with jubilation because of your friendly letter with lovely information’

A letter from your sponsored child can inspire you 

‘My biggest dream is to study and become a doctor so I can have a bicycle and a ball’ wrote Joel from El Salvador

A letter from your sponsored child can inform .. and make you laugh!

‘I’m confused,’ wrote Sereni from Tanzania, ‘you said you grow vegetables but I thought in your country there are only buildings with so many people and no space!”

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  • You'll find this on all communications from us or from your sponsored child. If you cannot find it, just give us a quick call on 1800 829 829 and we can help. For child protection reasons, this is a mandatory field. We hope you understand.
  • What happens next? All online letter will vetted in line with our child protection policy and sent to your sponsored child as soon as possible. If required, they will be translated on your behalf and delivered directly to your sponsored child through our global network of community volunteers.
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