17 year old girl dies in Egypt

Mayar's needless death should make us all work harder to #EndFGM

“The tragic death of 17 year old, Mayar as a result  of female genital mutilation (FGM) last Sunday in Egypt should embolden the global campaign to #EndFGM”

Mayar, who underwent the unnecessary procedure, under anesthesia, in a private hospital, died from heavy, and excessive, bleeding on Sunday, 29th May.

With more than 70% of girls in Egypt being forced to undergo this harmful procedure, Mayar has become the public face of the thousands of FGM victims.

CEO of Plan International Ireland, David Dalton said:

We can only hope that Mayar’s tragic and needless death will shine the spotlight on the millions of girls and women in Egypt, and across the world, who have undergone FGM and still suffer from its long-term consequences.

Mayar’s death reinforces the urgent call to protect girls from, what is, a horrific form of violence and a violation of a girl’s human rights.
















Despite legislation being passed in 2008 criminalising FGM, thousands of girls are forced to ensure pain, trauma and long-term health issues, and even death, in Egypt.

Religious, civil, political and community leaders have an obligation to protect the rights of girls not to be violated in this way.

Dalton added that:

There are no valid reasons, cultural, religious or otherwise, to allow this harmful practice continue.

Plan International have been implementing FGM awareness and eradication projects in Egypt since 2006.

Eliminating harmful practices such as FGM requires and integrated and multi-sectoral approach – to strengthen child protection systems, address gender discrimination and promote sexual health and reproductive rights as part of a strategy to combat all forms of violence against girls.