Ebola Orphans

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Children left orphaned by Ebola are finding it hard to re-enter school in Liberia. Most of these children now live with relatives and are faced with a difficult reality. The lack of support or financial funds has prevented them from returning to classes this academic year. Family members who have taken in orphaned children, many of whom are single parent or jobless, are often unable to cope with the difficult situation that providing for additional children brings.

âMy only son died of Ebola in Lofa County where he was working. A few days later, his wife and two of their children also died of the same disease. They left behind eight children (all girls). I brought them here to live with me in Nimba County. Now that school is about to reopen, I donât think I will be able to afford their school needs. To provide food for them is already a big problem for me,â explains Ma Vonyee.