#Refugee Crisis
Delivering education for all

We, at Plan International, are making sure that refugee children get the education and support they need in Ethiopia

From South Sudan to Ethiopia

Since the outbreak of the South Sudan Civil War in late 2013, the lives of thousands of vulnerable children have been put of risk. Many of them have had to endure a long, difficult and often violent journey to refugee camps in Ethiopia.

Child-Centred Development

Plan International believes that the first few years of a child’s life are some of the most important – they learn to learn, to play, to communicate and to understand the world around them.

We intervene to ensure that a child’s development continues even in the most difficult of circumstances, such as living in a refugee camp.

About Kule refugee camp

Kule refugee camp, located only 42km inside the Ethiopian border, is home to over 46,000 refugees who have fled the conflict in South Sudan.

The majority of the inhabitants and women and children – many of whom lost family members in the fighting.

How Plan International is helping!

By building and managing Temporary Learning Centres, we’re ensuring that children can continue their education, or even start it for the first time.

Our Child Friendly Spaces are providing children with safe spaces where they can be children again – to play with their new friends, to learn about the world and begin to understand it.


classrooms supported


children in school


people in Kule refugee camp