#Refugee Crisis

Nobody puts their children on a boat unless it is safer than the land.

With a deteriorating political and security situation in Syria and Iraq, the number of refugees flowing out continues to rise dramatically, and Plan International are continuing to get life-saving aid to families fleeing this brutal conflict.

According to the UN, a quarter of those seeking refuge in Europe are children. More than 100,000 children have claimed asylum in Europe in the first half of this year. More than 300,000 people have risked their lives trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea this year and at least 2,600 have died in the attempt.

For parents, undertaking incredibly risky sea journeys to safe havens across the Mediterranean, with their children,this is their only chance for a better life.

Plan International is working to ensure that we can meet the immediate needs of these vulnerable families fleeing conflict so that they do not need to climb aboard these illegal and dangerous vessels.

Right now, children and their families need our help. They need your help.

This is a humanitarian disaster on a large scale and the demand for humanitarian relief is huge.

Please support our work in addressing the root causes for this surge in refugee numbers. Right now, in Egypt and elsewhere, we are working to meet the immediate and long term needs for families fleeing conflict – so that they don’t have to make the choice of putting their children in boats.

The challenge is big, but so is our determination:


Syrian children in Egypt


Public schools renovated


Funding gap at present

100% of your donation will go directly to our work in supporting refugees. That's our promise to you!

Syrian Refugee Crisis
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Europe must act together to save refugee children

#Refugee Crisis
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