Keeping girls in school… one step at a time

Maureen's story is a simple one, but one that shows a practical solution to difficult problem

Maureen (15), a final year primary school student and member of the school based Hygiene Club, which teaches younger students the importance of hygiene.

She has received health and hygiene training that concentrated on menstrual hygiene management at the Plan-supported Primary School in Tororo District, Eastern Uganda.

Many women and girls in Uganda cannot afford or lack the knowledge to effectively manage their periods and do not have access to proper menstrual products. Girls often miss four or five days of school each month because of this which has enormous consequences on their education and academic potential.

This Plan project is helping communities to understand reproductive health and is giving women and girls access to affordable and hygienic sanitary pads through AFRIpads, a local social enterprise organisation which manufactures low-cost, reusable (washable) cloth sanitary pads.