Life after sponsorship

Making dreams a reality


Ronald, 25, knows the power of sponsorship – because his sponsor had a huge impact on his life.

Ronald grew up in Uganda with his mother, two younger sisters and two younger brothers.

His family often didn’t have enough to eat which took its toll on his health. He wasn’t in school as the costs were too much for his family.

When Plan International came to his community Ronald’s life changed forever, he became a sponsored child and he could attend school for the first time.

Ronald received notebooks, pens and school books, and he finally had a safe space to go to school. His family also received mosquito nets so they could stay protected from malaria.

But Ronald’s sponsor didn’t help just one child.

A new toilet block and water tank were installed in his school and hygiene improved amongst his classmates, creating a better learning environment and encouraging more children to go to school.

And his sponsor gave him something money can’t buy.

An inspirational letter and a photo from his sponsor was all it took to give Ronald the self-belief to set up his own business.

My sponsor told me about a farm he went to and took a picture of a pig, and I really loved it. I promised myself that when I grew up, when I grew up I would have a farm of that kind.”

Now 25, Ronald has built up a small pig farm of twenty-five pigs and built his own house on his parent’s land.

Those pigs multiplied. They’ve changed my life and the lives of my family!

With the income from his piggery, he’s paying for his younger sisters and brothers to go to school and making sure his family have all the necessities they need at home.

And his ambitions don’t stop there.

Ronald is currently studying for a degree in Development Studies and in the future, he wants to support other vulnerable children and young people in his community to access education and healthcare, so they can improve the standard of living for their families, just like he has!

When you sponsor a child, you help a whole community.

That’s why sponsors help to fund sustainable projects, from building schools and digging wells to training teachers and providing life-saving vaccinations.

Not only does this ensure they have a lasting impact, it also gives children the chance to learn new life skills that they can take with them into the future.

And when you support a child – the possibilities are endless.

The generosity of my former sponsor has caused lasting improvements in my life, family and the entire community.” Ronald says. “Child sponsorship kept me in school and allowed me to achieve my dreams. Thank you to my sponsor for giving me this opportunity.

Child sponsorship supports children by funding projects in their community to give them the best start in life, and to give them opportunities for the future. Our research shows that sponsored children are healthier, happier and more confident.

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