Three months on: situation remains dire for children

Voices, needs and concerns of children must be addressed in the recovery phase of Nepal

KATHMANDU, NEPAL – Three months after a major earthquake struck Nepal, the immediate needs of the three million children severely impacted by the disaster must be prioritised, says Plan International Ireland, a leading global child-rights organisation.

“The earthquakes have negatively affected the lives of millions of children, many of whom have lost parents and siblings. I was there in the immediate aftermath and saw the sheer destruction that the earthquake on April 25th caused – homes and schools have been completely destroyed and families and local communities have been devastated,” said Dualta Roughneen, Plan International Ireland’s Emergency Response Manager.

“Rightly, the world responded to the earthquakes by providing food and emergency shelter and but now that the camera lights have been turned off the challenge remains for Plan International to make sure the same effort is put into getting their lives back on track – returning to school and dreaming of a future for them and their families.”

“Emergency relief is often a logistical problem, but trying to help the country to recover needs a nuanced understanding of what people need and want, which is why we are looking at more sustainable shelter solutions but also putting in place temporary schools in 166 villages where pre-existing schools collapsed in the quake,” added Dualta.

Three months on and Plan International has provided aid to nearly 196,000 individuals, including almost 82,000 children in some of the hardest-hit areas

“We are making progress and adjusting our humanitarian response based on the needs of children and families and the situation on the ground. After distributing life-saving materials, we focused on keeping children safe and getting them back to school as soon as possible,” concluded Dualta

Communities were left devastated and more than 8,840 people died as a result of the 7.8-magnitude earthquake on April 25 and second earthquake that struck on 12 May.

In three months, Plan International has supported some of the worst affected areas by:

  • Distributing more than 46,121 tarpaulins/ropes and 32,652 food packs
  • Distributing 30,581 water kits and 42,650 water purification tablets
  • Establishing 166 Temporary Learning Centres
  • Establishing 62 Child Friendly Spaces, reaching over 12,300 children
  • Developing Cash for Work programming, reaching 10,000 households

Plan International will continue its humanitarian relief work, helping children and families and those most affected and marginalised. To date, Plan International has raised 16 Million Euros for the Nepal Earthquake response. To donate to Plan International Ireland, please visit www.plan.ie