Our Partnership with Hilton Dublin

Hilton Dublin is working in partnership with Plan International since 2018 to help in building three new classrooms in CAR (Central African Republic).

Since the end of 2016, the security and humanitarian situation in the Central Africa Republic (CAR) has drastically and continuously deteriorated.

In total 1 person out of 4 in CAR has been forced to abandon their house, while half of the entire population is depending on humanitarian aid.

Before 2013 school enrolment in CAR was already worrying (67% for primary and 13% for secondary education), placing CAR at the bottom tier of the sub-Saharan countries, and has worsened since reducing children’s opportunities for learning and personal development. Children living conditions are particularly negatively affected by the crises with the majority of them being displaced, separate by their families or recruited by armed groups.

The Solution

Plan International has been working in Bangui to improve access to quality and safe education through, among other interventions, building new or improving existing classrooms.

This will increase the number of children enrolled in primary education and will decrease the high ratio of students per class, which is one of the challenges of delivering good quality education.

The funds raised by Hilton Dublin in Ireland will be used to build three new classrooms in an existing school in Bangui as well as provide equipment for these classrooms (chairs and desks) and equipment for teachers.


300 children will benefit from the building of the new classrooms. 3,000 children over 10 years.

50% boys and 50% girls in each class.