Sponsorship changes lives!

Child sponsorship has been a foundation of Plan International’s work since our beginnings. This is the first study that comprehensively uses the complete dataset of 12 million surveys for a full-scale, independent analysis of child sponsorship.

Katie Hennessy, Plan International Ireland’s Donor Relations Officer.

Sponsorship works! Here’s How…

At Plan International, we regularly meet with each and every sponsored child to understand exactly how our sponsors impact each child, each family, and each community we work with. We hold ourselves accountable and ensure our sponsors are having the best possible impact on sponsored children, all over the globe.

This year we took a closer to look to really understand what it means to say – sponsorship changes lives.

Examining 12 million interviews since 2006, we’ve got the results in…

And we’re very happy to report… sponsorship works!


Here are some of the facts:

Child sponsors make a deep impact on children’s education, not only for the sponsored child, but the whole community.

  • Girls and boys are more likely to go to school in a community where Plan International sponsors are supporting.
  • The earlier sponsorship starts, the longer a child will stay in school. Those given a sponsor before the age of six have a higher school attendance than those sponsored later.
  • The longer Plan International supporters is in a community, the more girls and boys attend school.
  • In conflict situations, sponsorship helps to keep children in school.

Sponsorship means better protection of children’s rights.

  • Sponsored girls and boys are more likely to have their births registered. When a child has their birth registered, they have an identity in the eyes of the state. This translates to better school attendance and better access to health services.
  • When a girl has her birth registered, she has a better chance of proving her age, and therefore avoiding child marriage.


A sponsor’s letter really does make a difference.

  • Children who receive letters from their sponsors are healthier, happier and more confident. They’re even more likely to attend school and belong to a social club. Having a sponsor and communicating with the sponsor improves their psychosocial well-being.
  • Boys who receive letters are more likely to describe themselves as calm, happy and full of energy compared to boys who do not receive letters.



But please don’t just take our word for it…

Layza lives in Maranhão state in Brazil, loves football, and has ambitions of going to college in the future. This dream is becoming more of a reality than ever, thanks to Layza’s sponsors who support her education. They speak Portuguese, so she loves to get letters from them, and the toys they send are a nice treat too!

They are very nice people, very friendly people. They take care of me, even from so far away. They ask me if I am studying, they participate in my life. It is very nice to receive care and attention from them as it motivates me to keep going. I want to meet my sponsors one day,” she says.

For children just like Layza all over the world – our sponsors make a world of difference!

Thank you!