Angela Marques
Education Specialist

With over 12 years education, and six years development experience overseas, Angela joins Plan International Ireland as an experienced Education Specialist. Angela loves the outdoors and is a proud Portuguese woman.

Angela joined the Plan International Ireland family in May 2016 as an Education Specialist. She is qualified in Education Sciences, focused on Adult Learning and Training and also holds a Masters on Development Studies, orientated to Management and Strategic Planning.

For the past 13 years, Angela has been working in the area of education with a number of national NGOs. With a qualification in project management, Angela made the transition to international development work.

In 2010, Angela gained her first experience of working overseas through Portuguese Cooperation in Guinea-Bissau, where she worked as Education Specialist through bi-lateral and development cooperation programmes. Her main areas of activity were in the fields of education in emergencies advocacy, inter-sectoral cluster approaches in country sector planning and education reform programmes. In addition, Angela gained experience in the health sector while working for the Global Fund Projects tackling Malaria, Tuberculosis and AIDS/HIV for the UNDP Bureau for Poverty Reduction.

Angela is passionate about Education in Emergencies, and is an active member of Inter-Agency Network for Education in Emergencies. School governance is another area that she enjoys, and she had a major piece of research published on the topic.

Originally from Portugal, Angela likes to enjoy the outdoors, and most evenings after work, she goes for a run.  During the rainy days, yoga and a good reading are the choices to use the few spare time!