#Sierra Leone:
Girls like Esther deserve better

Will Esther be able to attend school? “Maybe next year,” her mother says.

Lefroy Lane in eastern Freetown is the epitome of contrasts. Book-ended by large, heavily-fortified mansions, the lane is comprised of a string of mud huts and corrugated-iron sheds, that three year old Esther, her family and hundreds more call home.

Esther lives in a rudimentary dwelling with her mother Sessay, her two aunts and 24 other family members. Dozens of other families live in similarly cramped conditions along this stretch of road.

Everyday Plan identifies the barriers to education for girls like Esther – child marriage, forced labour, FGM, sexual violence and more – .. and we break them down.

An educated girl is a healthier girl, a happier girl. She is the peacemaker, the breadwinner, the mother, the leader and the educator of tomorrow.

At the moment, Sessay doesn’t have enough income from her fish selling business to consider sending Esther to school, simply saying “…maybe next year” when asked about education for her little girl.

Joining Because I am a Girl means not only a better life for girls like Esther, but a safer, healthier and more prosperous world for all.

Last year alone, in the community where Esther lives, Plan International Ireland


New teachers trained and employed


Local Micro-credit schemes established


Schools, rebuilt and refurbished