Plan international Ireland Youth advisory panel

What’s it all about?

We believe that girls and boys should have the same rights, and we want to raise our voices to make that happen.

Plan International Ireland works with and not just for young people. We recognise that young people are a vital and largely untapped resource that is often missing from global justice work.

Our Youth Advisory Panel (YAP) engages young people aged 16-22 as ambassadors and advisors to Plan International Ireland. Through advocacy and activism, our YAP members stand in solidarity with young campaigners around the world to make change happen both in Ireland and Internationally.


Want to join the YAP?

If you answer yes to these three questions, then we want you …

Do you have an interest in global justice?

Do you want to learn more about human rights?

Do you want to influence global change?

What does being part of the YAP involve?


  • The panel creates and implements campaigns on issues affecting the rights of children and girls to influence decision-makers in Ireland and internationally.

Working with Plan

  • The panel engages with Plan Ireland staff, acting as a voice for youth in the organisation and being actively involved in decision-making for Plan.

Personal Development

  • YAP members get the chance to develop and grow their skills in teamwork, public speaking, communication, advocacy and much more!

We are currently recruiting new YAP members for activities in 2019 and beyond!

Want to learn more? Check out the YAP Info Pack!