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Beat the Clock

They say it will be 131 years until we achieve true gender equality. We say that’s far too long.

Gender inequality affects all of us – our mothers, daughters, sisters, partners, friends, and colleagues. But when did we last speak up, act, push back or raise our voice in definance?

The first step towards an equal future starts with you today.

To stand together with girls everywhere to help them fight for their rights.

To fight until we are all equal.

Donate to Beat the Clock on gender equality

From access to education and life-changing skills to providing financial independence and vocational training, your support has the power to move the needle and ensure ALL girls get an equal opportunity.

  • €15 can help provide school essentials for one girl, including basics such as textbooks and pencils and funding essential school meal programs and teacher training.
  • €50 can support women and youth in growing eco-conscious businesses that can help protect communities vulnerable to climate change.
  • €100 can provide literacy training for women and girls.
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Read about the girls who Beat the Clock on gender equality

Meet 12 tireless young women who, hour by hour, are innovating, advocating and taking action to make gender inequality a thing of the past.

Will you share their stories?

How we’re working towards achieving true gender equality

Plan International aims to provide millions of girls across the world with safe, quality, gender-transformative education so they may find their voices and learn to lead. We work ensure that girls realise they are equally deserving of the skills required to succeed.

We focus our efforts on equality, inclusion and diversity. Our programmes don’t just work in classrooms with teachers, but also include communities, governments, religious leaders, family members and children in order to bring an end to gender inequality in education. Join us today.