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Wedding Favours

Let the celebrations begin! Congratulations on your engagement, what an incredibly special time planning your big day and your future life together. 

Wedding favours are a wonderful way to give your wedding guests a souvenir of your special day and to show your support for Plan International Ireland and girls’ rights.

A thoughtful gift that can help end child marriage

The reality is that while you are living the most exciting time of your life, millions of girls around the world, many as young as 11 years old, are being married off to men who might be three times their age.  For them there is no excitement and they live in fear.  In fear of being married to a man they don’t know, in fear of having to have sex and in fear of having to carry a child long before their bodies are ready.

In fact every year, 12 million girls worldwide are married before the age of 18. That is almost one every 2 seconds. 

The issue of child marriage receives little attention here in Ireland. As a development and humanitarian organisation with a focus on girls’ rights and running many projects to end child marriage, Plan International is in a strong position to bring the message to the Irish public that child marriage is a serious issue and a reality for millions of girls around the world. And you will be helping us spread that word.

By ordering Plan International Ireland wedding favours, you are giving girls hope for an education and a career of their dreams. You give them the same sense of excitement and anticipation that you are living now. You are ensuring that girls have the futures they deserve.

Together, we can help end child marriage.

Order my wedding favours

We offer a few different card designs, but please feel free to get in touch with our donor support team if you’d like to order a custom design.

Blue floral wedding favour
Blue floral favor
Stop the wedding design
One off donation
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