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International Women's Day

We celebrate the achievements of women everywhere on International Women’s Day and wort together to accelerate gender equality.

Around the world, girls and young women are set back because of their gender and are denied opportunities to fulfill their potential.

This is then heightened when crises strike resulting in their futures slipping through their fingers. But by working together, we can fight for women and girls until we are all equal.

International Women’s Day 2024 – Futures Girls Want

On International Women’s Day this year we are amplifying the voices of girls, young women and gender equality activists taking action and making demands for a better world.  

See the #FuturesGirlsWant on social media

How do we drive change?

Gender equality is a fight we must take on together, with young people leading the charge for a fair and equal world.

Our programmes encourage girls and women to unlock their full potential by stepping into positions of leadership. Girls identify the challenges they face, and we work together to come up with resilient solutions that empower them to learn, lead, decide, survive and thrive.

Ending child marriage

We work with young women to stay in school and decide for themselves whether, when and whom to marry. Plan International takes a holistic approach to address the root causes of this early and forced marriage and identify opportunities for change. We help girls work with parents, community leaders and governments to put an end to child marriage.

Hear Eunice’s story