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Global Citizenship

At Plan International, we are passionate about engaging young people on issues of global justice, and building solidarity and a sense of global citizenship. Our global citizenship education programme aims to tackle the roots of injustice from the local to the national to the global level.

We work with young people and educators to empower them to create a more just and sustainable future for all.

Using participatory methodologies, we challenge people’s values, increase their knowledge of global justice issues, and develop their advocacy and public speaking skills.

Our youth advisory panel has numerous advocacy opportunities

Youth Advisory Panel

We have an active and engaged Youth Advisory Panel who campaign on issues of global justice.

We believe that girls and boys should have the same rights, and we want to raise our voices to make that happen.

Plan International Ireland works with and not just for young people. We recognise that young people are a vital and largely untapped resource that is often missing from global justice work.

Our Youth Advisory Panel (YAP) engages young people aged 16-24 as ambassadors and advisors to Plan International Ireland. Through advocacy and activism, our YAP members stand in solidarity with young campaigners around the world to make change happen both in Ireland and Internationally.

Members of our Youth Advisory Panel have been instrumental in driving awareness and change through our awareness and advocacy campaigns.

Global Youth Reporter Project

Youth from Plan Ireland, Plan Liberia, and Plan Philippines collaborate on the Global Youth Reporter project.

Together, they raise awareness for the work of Irish Aid and promote action towards achieving the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). To do so, youth from the three countries create similar educational content related to different SDGs. They connect each SDG to cultural aspects of their respective country, aiming to foster mutual understanding through youth lenses.

Are you curious to find out more? Watch their content on our Instagram page @sustainablysmart.plan!

Partnership with the Shona Project

Many girls still experience gender inequality in various ways. Accordingly, we from Plan International Ireland are partnering with the award-winning Shona Project for their annual Shine festival.

Shine Festival is an empowering event for the young women and girls of Ireland, featuring many, many speakers on topics such as self-esteem, resilience, career, arts, wellness, health sports, people, planet and social issues.

Find out more here: www.shinefestival.ie.

Training Courses

Gender Transformative Education e-Learning Course

The Gender Transformative Education Online Course was developed by Plan International, UNICEF, Transform Education and UN Girls’ Education Initiative (UNGEI), thanks to funding by Irish Aid. It aims to address the knowledge gaps raised by staff, partners and stakeholders to gain more knowledge about gender transformative education.

For primary school teachers: Continuous Professional Development online course “Global Citizenship Education in the Primary Classroom”

Global Citizenship Education / Development Education fosters mutual understanding and critical thinking and encourages learners towards taking action for a more just and equal world. The concept provides a unique opportunity for learners to reflect on their roles and responsibilities as global citizens. In collaboration with H2 Learning, Plan offers a Continuous Professional Development online course on Global Citizenship Education which runs during the summer. The course is open to primary school teachers in Ireland and accredited by the Department of Education.

Education Resources

Plan International Ireland have developed Global Citizenship Education Resources for both primary and post-primary Schools.

A girl sits in her classroom

Here at Plan International Ireland, we want to help make Global Citizenship Education a part of daily lessons, and support teachers to encourage children to look at the world through this lens from a young age.

We have created a user-friendly Teachers’ Handbook and Interactive Student Resources, fun guides that are linked to all aspects of the Primary and Post Primary Education curriculum.

Our resources are unique; we have not only created lesson plans contained in the teachers handbook, but we have developed interactive whiteboard friendly student resources, containing lots of games, pictures and videos to keep your class engaged.

We are also working to support teachers to adapt these resources for use in the online classroom as a result of the COVID-19 crisis. Click on the link below to find out how you can adapt our primary and post-primary modules.

Primary School Resources

The interactive resource contains four modules, with five lessons in each, covering four different global issues aimed at different age groups ranging from 6 – 12 years old.

Use the resource today!

Step 1: Download the Teacher Handbook.

Step 2: Download the Interactive PDF.

Download the Handbooks

Post Primary School Resources

This resource can be used throughout Post Primary School and contains three modules covering global issues of Gender, Global Inequality, and Migration and Refugees.

Each module contains five lessons which are designed for young people aged 12-18 years old.

The modules have not been aimed at a specific year group. They are flexible so that they can be incorporated into the new Junior Cycle Programme, the Leaving Certificate Programme or as a standalone Transition Year Course.

The lessons cover a wide range of topics and link with many areas of the curriculum as also outlined in the teacher’s handbook.

Use the resource today!

Step 1: Download the Teacher Handbook.

Step 2: Select the module you would like to use to obtain the Interactive Student Resource below.

It couldn’t be easier!

Download the Handbook

Download the Modules

IDEA Code of Good Practice for Development Education

Plan International Ireland is a member of the IDEA Code of Good Practice for Development Education. Members of this Code commit to strengthening their Development Education practice through an annual self-assessment process. Read more