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Plan International Ireland Safeguarding Statement

Plan International recognises that violence against children and young people is prevalent throughout the world and in all societies.

We are deeply committed to eradicating violence against children and young people and take very seriously our duty to safeguard all children and young people and promote their welfare.

This also means holding ourselves to account in ensuring that no child or young person is harmed or placed at risk of harm as a result of their association with us.

Plan International Ireland is fully committed to the gender responsive safeguarding of all children and young people from all forms of violence. We take very seriously our responsibility and duty to ensure that we, as an organisation, and anyone who represents us does not in any way harm, abuse or commit any other act of violence against children and young people or place them at risk of same.

Plan’s Global Policy on Safeguarding Children and Young People

Plan International has a clear and unequivocal safeguarding policy, Say Yes! to Keeping Children and Young People Safe and Protected, of which Plan International Ireland is bound. It aims to make sure no child or young person who is associated with Plan International comes to any harm.  The policy governs the behaviours of Plan International staff, associates, and visitors, ensuring we minimise risks to children and young people and report any concerns about a child or young person’s welfare appropriately. The policy aims to ensure that:

  • All who work for and engage with us are skilled, confident, understand, and are well supported in meeting their responsibilities to safeguard children and young people from violence and engage positively with them in ways that enhance the achievement of our purpose.
  • We have procedures in place to prevent and deal with the actions/behaviour of our staff, associates, visitors or us as an organisation that result in violence against a child or young person and/or places them at risk of the same.

Plan International Ireland Safeguarding Policy

In addition to Plan’s global policy, Plan International Ireland also adheres to Irish child protection standards, as outlined in ‘Children First Act’ – and as such, in Ireland, the Plan global policy has been enhanced in the form of a national policy Safeguarding Children and Young People to further include considerations of the Irish Children First Act 2015, and in line with the TULSA guide, Child Safeguarding: A Guide for Policy, Procedure and Practice.

We ensure all who work with and engage with us understand and are supported in their meeting safeguarding roles and responsibilities. We take positive action to prevent anyone who might be a risk to children and young people from becoming involved with us and take stringent measures against any Staff, Associate or Visitor who perpetrates an act of violence against a child. We promote child and youth safe practices, approaches, interventions, and environments which respects, recognises, and responds to the specific safeguarding needs and addresses the protection risks of the differing gender and other identities. We will challenge and do not tolerate inequality, discrimination, or exclusion.

Children and young people we work with are aware of our responsibilities to prevent and respond to any harm against them arising from actions and behaviours of our staff, associates and visitors, and the routes for reporting such incidents.

We respond to a child or young person who may be in need of protection and or psycho-social support and intend that their welfare and best interests will at all times be paramount consideration.

We promote the active involvement of children and young people in their own protection.

For any questions, concerns or for more information, please contact Emily Lyon, our Safeguarding Officer or email Safeguarding.Ireland@plan-international.org.

Child Safeguarding Statement

[1] Gender Responsive Safeguarding” is a safeguarding approach that: takes full account of gender in considering the specific safeguarding needs of girls, boys and other gender identities; integrates safeguarding measures that address protection risks for children and young people (girls, boys, young women, young men, and children of other gender identities) that stem from issues relating to gender bias and discrimination; and supports the empowerment and fosters the inclusion of girls, particularly in the safeguarding process, in a manner that promotes equality, equity and ultimately their increased safety and protection.