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Our Values & Strategy

Plan International Ireland’s Strategy

We are part of the global Plan International Federation, and we contribute to the global strategy All Girls Standing Strong Creating Global Change.

Working together we will create:

  • A world where all girls know and exercise their rights and live the life they choose.
  • A network of supporters, communities, staff, partners, and donors, all supporting girls and young women to stand strong as they learn, lead, decide, and thrive.
  • Global change, through breaking down the barriers and discrimination girls and young women currently face every minute, every hour, every day.

We aim to improve the lives of 200 million girls in the next five years. When girls thrive in a more equal world, we are all stronger for it.

However, we are also an independent entity that is responsible for developing and delivering our own strategy. In 2021, Plan International Ireland embarked upon a journey to develop a new strategy that is taking us from 2021 to 2025.

Our new strategy was developed during the COVID-19 pandemic; a challenging time for everyone, but disproportionately so for girls in some of the most disadvantaged areas of the world.

As we move through the pandemic and envision a world on the other side of this global emergency, girls will be a core focus of our work. The majority of our programmes will remain concentrated in the West African and Sahel region, and we will work with girls and their communities to recover and build resilience in the wake of the pandemic.

Through our work, 1.5 million people, especially girls, will be supported to Learn, Lead, Decide, Survive and Thrive in all areas of their lives.

Our Purpose
We strive for a just world that advances
childrens rights and equality for girls
Our Ambition
1,500,000 programme participants
learn, lead, decide, survive & thrive
Our Strategic Priorities
Achieve excellence in safe and inclusive, quality education
Protect and empower children and young people, especially girls, to attain their rights
Strengthen our influence on children’s rights and equality for girls
Actively respond to humanitarian crises, prioritising vulnerable countries and people
Enablers for us to deliver
Achieve stable and complementary income streams
Strengthen our brand and profile
Create a workplace environment where our people develop and thrive
Align our structures, systems and resources
We are Guided by our values
Global values
We are Open & Accountable
We work well together
We are inclusive and empowering
We strive for lasting impact
Plan International Ireland Values
We target the most vulnerable
We maintain good stewardship
We value our dual mandate
We respect all individuals