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Halted Lives: Covid-19 and Girls Education

The COVID-19 pandemic has seen inequalities increase around the world and driven back decades of progress on gender equality & girls’ education.

This week, as world leaders gather in London for the Global Partnership for Education’s Global Education summit, we are shining a spotlight on the impacts of the pandemic on girls’ lives and education across the world.

Our Halted Lives series of conversations will take you on a (virtual) journey from Amman to Dublin, from, Freetown to Washington DC.

The conversations platform the voices of children and young people as they share their experiences of the pandemic and their hopes for the future.

The series also features Minister for Overseas Development & The Diaspora Colm Brophy, CEO of the GPE Alice Albright, presenter Maia Dunphy and singer-songwriter Gemma Hayes.

Check it out below! 

Jessica Gill in Conversation with Alice Albright, CEO of the Global Partnership for Education

Rama Dahabra in Conversation with Minister Colm Brophy

Sewanatu Fatu in Conversation with Songwriter Gemma Hayes

Conversations with Children at the Central Model School in Dublin

Amara Onyegiri in Conversation with Teacher, Paula Galvin

Maia Dunphy in Conversation with the Youth Advisory Panel

Find out how Plan International is helping to Stop The Setback for girls, and how you can support our work, at the link below.