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can help provide learning materials, such as a school bag and notebooks, to help keep girls in school

could provide a girl with a birth certificate to prove they're too young to marry

could staff a mobile child protection unit that will intervene in child marriages globally

*also eligible for 'tax ffficient giving' going 45% further

“I fear that if this situation does not change, we shall all die”

26-year-old Madina was married at just 15 and is now the mother of three children, two boys and one girl.

This year has not been easy for Madina and the rest of her community. Drought has consumed everything, leaving people and animals in dire need of food and water.

For Madina, the person she is most worried about is her baby son Maulid, who is just 15 months old. The food shortages have badly affected Maulid and he is very weak and malnourished. Madina is only able to feed him once a day, and she can only give him the same meal of porridge every day which is not nutritious enough to keep him healthy.

“My son has suffered a lot since the drought started. Dirty water and lack of food has caused severe stomach upset for him. I have not sought for any medical help because the nearby hospital is many kilometres away. I pray that this drought will come to an end very soon,” Madina says.

“I urge the government and well-wishers to intervene and help, because I fear that if this situation does not change, we shall all die.”

Woman and her malnourished baby in Kenya