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Plan International and Irish Aid first to assist 262 families in Malawi displaced by Tropical Storm Ana

Climate Change Emergency

It’s been months since Tropical Storm Ana caused heavy flooding in several districts in Malawi, especially in the Southern Region due to a lot of heavy rainfall and strong winds. As a result, Malawi President declared a State of National Disaster on 26th January 2022. Mulanje, a district in Southern Malawi, was not spared. The extensive damage includes washing away crops, contamination of water sources, power supply disruptions, and much more.

On the 2nd June 2022, Plan International Malawi, with support from Irish Aid, began distributing non-food items (NFIs) at Nthuluwe Primary School in Mulanje. Those affected by Tropical Storm Ana are camping at Msuka Camp under Traditional Authority Nkanda, Group Village Head Nogwe.

So far, 262 households have been reached, receiving mosquito nets, water container’s, a family tent or a shelter kit, a kitchen set, blankets, solar lanterns, and a hygiene kit. The Government of Malawi, through Department of Disaster Management Affairs (DODMA) is also distributing a 50kg bag of maize to the survivors. The people receiving these supports have been displaced, living in camps for close to 4 months, and receiving no assistance. They have been asked to seek refuge in their relatives’ homes after it was announced these camps were to be decommissioned.

 Plan International Ireland, Multilateral Programme Team Lead, George Massey, who is heading up the project on the Irish side explains; “These people have nothing, their lives have been washed away with Storm Ana, their houses have collapsed, toilets, fences and even roofs all blown away, everything is gone, we are worked with Irish Aid and Plan International Malawi to get to these people as soon as possible and help them to rebuild their lives. Plan International is proud to be partnered with Irish Aid, the overseas development and humanitarian programme of the Irish Government.”

Plan International Malawi said: “A major concern is ensuring that anyone displaced by the storm has access to clean water, sanitation, and hygiene to prevent spreading diseases such as cholera.

We are also concerned about the storm’s impact on children.” Plan International is committed to building back safer, more resilient communities where children’s rights are respected and protected.