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This Calín Can!

Girls' Rights

For this year’s International Day of the Girl, we are delighted to announce the launch of the ‘chari-tee’ in collaboration with Plan International Ireland Ambassador Amy Huberman and Hairy Baby Clothing Company.

Hairy Baby have launched a new range of t-shirts, hoodies and tote bags with the slogan ‘This Cailín Can’ to celebrate International Day of the Girl 2019 and the power of girls.

The merchandise is available now, and for the whole month of October, with ALL profits from the t-shirts, totes and hoodies donated to Plan International Ireland, to support our work changing the lives of girls.

This generous support will go towards our work in some of the world’s poorest countries where we are improving access to quality education for girls. Education is a pathway out of poverty for girls. It offers a safe space to learn and access information about their rights.

Girls are more likely than boys to be out of school, as 5 million more girls than boys are out-of-school (34 million girls compared to 29 million boys) around the world.

We’re working to change this. By supporting ‘This Cailín Can’ you’re also supporting girls to get access to education and a life free from poverty.

Visit the Hairy Baby website and support Cailíns all over the world this October!