URGENT - We are delivering aid into Gaza, but much more is needed
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What We Know About the Earthquake and Tsunami in Idonensia


On Friday September 28th, a 7.5 magnitude earthquake and subsequent tsunami struck central Sulawesi, Indonesia. Waves of up to 6 metres hammered the coastline, and more than 170 aftershocks with magnitudes of up to 6 continue to strike the island.

Tragically, 832 people are confirmed dead and 540 are injured. Many people remain trapped beneath the rubble as emergency services work to dig them out with their hands. Nearly 17,000 have been displaced, and over 1.5 million people have been affected. Sadly we expect the devastation we have seen so far to only be the start.


Our team are currently conducting a rapid needs assessment of the emergency, with child protection and the needs of girls the highest priority.

We know that after disasters, thousands of children will be in need of shelter, hygiene products, medicine and health care. They’ll be living without power and clean water, and at risk of water-borne disease and psychological trauma. They’ll be missing school, separated from their families, and experiencing a huge amount of distress.

Women and Children in emergencies

When disaster strikes, women and children are often the most vulnerable. In floods, earthquakes and cyclones, they are often left without shelter, food and medical care, which can leave them exposed to water borne diseases. Our work in Emergencies focuses on the most vulnerable, where we can have the most impact.