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Ensuring the future of girls like Diatou are not forgotten


If all of our supporters returned their tax form, then together we could unlock vital life-changing funds worth hundreds of thousands of Euros. 

Plan International is determined to ensure girls like Diatou are not left behind. That is why your signed tax form is so important, it can help us to unlock life changing funds which can be used to ensure girls like Diatou get the education they deserve to realise their true potential. 

Diatou, 11, from Mali, comes from a family of seven children and until last year she had never attended school.   

With Mali being one of the poorest countries in the world, a lot of families struggle to meet their most basic needs. Sadly a lot of families do not have the resources to send their children to school as they are required to work to help support the family. With seven mouths to feed, Diatou’s mother made the difficult decision to only send her two sons to school.   

“We do not have the means to send all the children to school. To support the children I make charcoal, I do farm work and I sometimes work for other people to earn money to feed the children.” Diatou’s Mother 

Diatou and her older sister at home
Diatou and her sister at home

Education is incredibly important for young girls’ development and for safeguarding their future. Unfortunately, 130 million girls are out of school worldwide as traditional gender roles such as wife and mother take precedence. Girls like Diatou who are eager to go to school and to achieve great things are not given the opportunity. 

“When my brothers went to school and left me alone at home I was not happy at all. Sometimes I followed them to school and spied on them from outside.” Diatou, 11, Mali. 

The World Economic Forum estimates it will be 131 years until gender equality is achieved. Unfortunately, the door is closing on so many girls’ futures.  

But it does not have to be this way. 

Plan International is dedicated to beating the clock to ensure every girl gets the opportunity they deserve to flourish. With the help of Plan International’s “speed schools”, which provide accelerated learning to out of school children, Diatou was able to reintegrate into the formal school system. Now Diatou is thriving in her education and her future looks much brighter. 

Your signature on your Tax Form can help make this happen for so many other girls. 

“Her results are highest of any child who has reintegrated into the normal school system….For a girl who has never been to school, she always manages to be in the top three of her class, it’s extraordinary.” Yaya Koné, School Director 

“I would like to continue my studies and become a doctor. Succeeding in life will allow me to support my mother.” Diatou, 11, Mali 

Please will you help us to unlock a brighter future for more children like Diatou by signing your tax form today?