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Unlocking a better future for Evelyn

Education Girls' Rights

Your signature on a CHY3 tax back form is truly powerful. In fact, it has the potential to completely transform a child’s life.  

It could be the reason a young girl escapes marriage to a man three times her age, provide an entire week’s supply of food to a young family on the brink of starvation or help fund a scholarship to keep a girl in school.  

A girl like Evelyn

7-year-old Evelyn is a cheerful, bright girl. She loves her parents very much, telling us she hugs them at least 5 times a day! 

Every morning she walks down the mountain to go to school. Her favourite subjects are maths and languages. After school, she helps her parents in the field and does her homework. She also loves to spend time caring for her little donkey, Julio and playing with her three dogs. 

Sadly, for children like Evelyn living in the highlands of Cotopaxi in Ecuador, life is not easy. Most villages are isolated with no electricity or plumbing. Families survive by farming and all too often it is not possible for children to go to school.  

But thanks to the generosity of supporters like you, Evelyn has been supported to stay in school since 2019 through a scholarship. The assistance has enabled Evelyn to stay in school and buy learning materials including a notebook, school supplies, backpack and pencil case.  

“Now I have time to go to school, to study, to play. Now I am happy.”

Yet, unlike many other 7-year-olds, Evelyn is deeply concerned for the futures of other children living in her village. Those who are not as lucky as her and do not have access to an education.  

Evelyn says, “It would be good for them to go to school to study because then they will learn more. If all the children in my community went to school, things would be much better here.” 

In her notebook, Evelyn keeps a list of her future goals. She hopes that one day there will be more opportunities for children in her community. 

When we ask Evelyn what her what her dream is for the future, she smiles and says “I want to be a lawyer to help the children, especially poor girls in my community.” 

Just your signature on a CHY 3 tax form has the power to provide a child living in a vulnerable community with access to an education. 

Please will you help Evelyn’s dream come true by signing your CHY3 tax back form today? 

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