development education

Development Education aims to increase awareness and understanding of the interdependent world we live in, through a process of interactive learning.

Plan International Ireland’s Development Education Programme works to tackle the root causes of injustice and inequality, globally and locally. Our programme aims to inspire, motivate and promote collaboration.

The world is unequal, unjust and changes rapidly. Development Education is about understanding these challenges and to act in a way that creates a sustainable future for everyone. 

Here in Plan International Ireland, we use participatory methodologies to challenge learner’s values, increase their knowledge of global issues and develop their skills of team work, public speaking and advocacy.

With Plan International Ireland's Development Education Programme:

We deliver teacher trainings, talks and workshops directly to students.

We have an active Youth Advisory Panel working on global justice issues

We create up-to-date Development Education resources

Development Education Resources

This resource is unique; we have not only created lesson plans contained in the teachers handbook, but we have developed interactive whiteboard friendly student resources, containing lots of games, pictures and videos to keep your class engaged.

Here in Plan International Ireland, we want to help make Development Education a part of daily lessons. We have created a user friendly Teachers Handbook and Interactive Student Resources which are fun and all linked to all aspects of the Primary Education curriculum.

The resource contains three modules, with five lessons in each, covering three different global issues aimed at different age groups ranging from 6 – 12 years old.

The first module is on Gender and is aimed at 1st – 2nd class, the second module covers issues in the concept of Inequality and is made for 3rd – 4th class, and the third module is on Migration and Refugees and is tailored to 5th – 6th class.

Once you download the Teacher Handbook, you can select the age appropriate Interactive Student Resource below.

It couldn’t be easier!


Development Education Teacher Handbook

Teacher Handbook


Interactive Student Resource

Module 1: Gender Concept


Interactive Student Resource

Module 2: Global Inequality


Interactive Student Resource

Module 3: Migration and Refugees