development education

Development Education aims to increase awareness and understanding of the interdependent world we live in, through a process of interactive learning.

Plan International Ireland’s Development Education Programme works to tackle the root causes of injustice and inequality, globally and locally. Our programme aims to inspire, motivate and promote collaboration.

The world is unequal, unjust and changes rapidly. Development Education is about understanding these challenges and to act in a way that creates a sustainable future for everyone. 

Here in Plan International Ireland, we use participatory methodologies to challenge learner’s values, increase their knowledge of global issues and develop their skills of team work, public speaking and advocacy.

With Plan International Ireland's Development Education Programme:

We deliver teacher trainings, talks and workshops directly to students.

We have an active Youth Advisory Panel working on global justice issues

We create up-to-date Development Education resources

Development Education Resources

Plan International Ireland have developed Development Education Resources for both Primary and Post Primary Schools.

Here in Plan International Ireland, we want to help make Development Education a part of daily lessons. We have created a user-friendly Teachers Handbook and Interactive Student Resources which are fun and all linked to all aspects of the Primary and Post Primary Education curriculum.

Our resources are unique; we have not only created lesson plans contained in the teachers handbook, but we have developed interactive whiteboard friendly student resources, containing lots of games, pictures and videos to keep your class engaged.

We’re working to support teachers to adapt these resources for use in the online classroom as a result of the COVID-19 crisis. Click on the link below to find out how you can adapt our primary and post-primary modules.

Grow from Seeds

An Intercultural Learning Project

Grow from Seeds is an Erasmus funded project that aims to provide high quality learning opportunities for primary school teachers and pupils on Intercultural Education. The programme will use creative drama and storytelling as a methodology to promote inclusion, empowerment and active citizenship.

Plan International Ireland understands the value of intercultural education to help children become active citizens in an increasingly multicultural society. We are working with partners from France, Germany and Ireland to develop an exciting and engaging programme to address interculturalism in our schools.

Grow from Seeds aims to provide high quality learning opportunities tailored to meet the needs of primary school teachers and pupils. In this project we challenge exclusion and discrimination through social cohesion and inclusion, active citizenship and empowerment and participation of pupils.

In ten workshops, pupils explore social issues such as exclusion and discrimination through storytelling, creative drama and performing arts. They get the chance to use these creative methodologies to create their own theatre play, addressing and resolving those social issues they consider to be most important.

This project is supported by Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership.

Learn more on our Grow From Seeds Website!

Plan International, Dublin (Ireland) / Gaiety School of Acting – National Theatre School of Ireland (Coordinator) / Gilden Grundschule, Dortmund (Germany) / Kildare Town Educate Together, Kildare (Ireland) / La Transplanisphère, Paris (France) / Primary School les Fougères, Le Raincy (France).