URGENT - We are delivering aid into Gaza, but much more is needed
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Ukraine Crisis - two years on

With there being no end in sight to the war in Ukraine since it escalated nearly two years ago, we hold grave concerns that the gendered impacts of the war remain overlooked.

The war is exacerbating harmful gender stereotypes, increasing the care burden on women and girls, and has resulted in skyrocketing gender-based violence.

There are spiraling complex mental health challenges, amid wide uncertainty about the future and devastating learning losses from prolonged online learning.

Despite this, we see firsthand the resilience, determination and adaptation among war-affected young people and adolescent girls and their collective desire to actively participate in the reconstruction of their country.

With over 14 million people in need in Ukraine, including over 3 million children, and close to 6 million refugees from Ukraine still in Europe, the international community must continue supporting those impacted by the war in Ukraine.

Our response

Plan International’s Ukraine Response is operating through a localised and partner-led model to respond to the complex and intersectional needs of children, especially girls, affected by the war in Ukraine.

Our unique age and gender-responsive approach makes us effectively positioned to support the gender-transformative and development work of local women and youth-led organisations in Ukraine, Poland, Moldova, and Romania, beyond the direct humanitarian refugee response.

Inforgraphic on Plan International's Ukraine Response
Plan International’s response

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At only 4% funded, gender-based violence is the most underfunded sector across the Ukraine response. More funding to help end gender-based violence is urgently needed.

The Ukrainian people, families and over three million children, rely on your continued support. 

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