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Ukraine Response


In War, Children Pay the Highest Price

The ongoing war in Ukraine is forcing families to flee from cities under fire with, children have to witness the horrors of war.

Their childhood is under attack. Millions of Ukrainians have been driven from their homes, hundreds of thousands have already arrived in neighbouring countries.

Plan International is collaborating with agencies currently already engaged in relief efforts around the clock to build a response.

The vast majority of people seeking refuge are women and girls. They are at particular risk of abuse and sexual exploitation. Plan International is committed to supporting agencies in Moldova, Poland, and Romania that provide care, advice, and awareness of these risks among refugee children and caregivers. With your help, they can scale up urgent relief operations to support children and their families.

Help us save their childhoods.

Please note: Any donations received that exceed what is needed for this emergency will be held in reserve to respond to future humanitarian emergencies. Thank you for your generosity.

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How Your Donation Will Help

Violence, lack of access to basic services and socio-economic deterioration will increase an influx of asylum seekers, refugees and migrants, leading to family separation. The lack of basic services such as electricity, heaters, water and sanitation can further endanger the health and survival of children. Separated or unaccompanied children are more vulnerable to child protection and gender-related risks, including trafficking for sexual exploitation. In Ukraine, Russia and other Eastern European countries, 80% of the victims of trafficking for sexual exploitation are women, 10% girls and 10% boys.

The protection of girls and boys from violence, neglect, abuse and exploitation are part of Plan’s emergency response work. We work to support actions that reduce harm to children, especially girls, as well as respond to incidences of harm quickly and effectively.