URGENT - We are delivering aid into Gaza, but much more is needed
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Invest in a Solution to End Global Hunger


Did you know that 49 million people globally are on the verge of famine-like conditions, including starvation and death? That’s 9 times the population of Ireland.  

Conflict, climate change, and Covid-19 have restricted access to food for millions and driven up fuel and food costs around the world. Amid these uncertain times, the World Food Programme has projected that $6.6 billion (€6.18 billion) is needed to avoid the worst famine the world has seen this century.    

Now is the Time to Invest in Saving Lives

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What Are You Investing In?

Short-term, your investment will provide food packages and cash vouchers for families that will provide immediate life-saving assistance.  

For example, in South Sudan where we’re distributing food and nutrional supplements in some of the most remote parts of the country. We’re also providing school meals across multiple countries from Cambodia to Sierra Leone.  

And we’re working to supply cash loans to women, training mothers in food nutrition and preparation, and providing safe drinking water across the countries most impacted by the food crisis. 

See Our Case Studies

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What is the Return on Investment?

Investing with Plan International is an investment that is low-risk with a high return.  

In addition to saving lives and protecting children and their families, you’re driving strong social returns and creating value for their communities.  

For example, school meal programmes, like the ones we’re currently providing across the hunger hotspots, yield 9 dollars in social returns for every dollar invested.  

Invest in a Long-Term Solution

You also have the opportunity to invest in a long-term solution.  

We have a total of 60 projects with the World Food Programme in 15 countries, currently reaching 3.2 million people. These projects bring about sustainable change, and provide the support and resources girls and families need to achieve their full potential. 

But the global hunger crisis is one of the many crises we’re responding to. Our Disaster Risk Management team works around the world to reach the most vulnerable children in an emergency. Your donation will help our team prepare for the next emergency — the next refugee crisis, the next natural disaster or the next disease outbreak — so that we can respond even faster and save even more lives. 

More About Investing with Plan

At Plan International Ireland, we focus on girls’ rights and education. Because when you support girls, you’re creating a ripple effect. You help girls show how education has changed their lives. You make it possible for girls to reveal to their communities that they can thrive in unexpected ways and break gender norms. Real change happens when girls realise the inner power that they were born with, regardless of the situations they were born into. You can show girls that they can change the world, and then watch them lead the charge. 

Right now, you have the chance to invest in girls. And your investment will create transformational change in all of our lives. 

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