Globally 75 million children don't go to school

Plan International believes that learning is crucial for development and one of the most powerful tools in breaking the cycle of poverty.


Every child has the right to education, but globally…


million children aren't in school today


million Girls aren't in school today


milion Boys aren't in school today




Invested in Education Services


Schools Infrastructure Supported

Our Approach – #InclusiveEducation for All

Plan International Ireland has pioneered an innovative and ongoing project in West Africa centred on quality education. The EQuIP programme, funded by Irish Aid, works comprehensively with children and their families throughout the nations of Burkina Faso, Guinea, Guinea Bissau and Mali with the aim of mobilising both communities and government authorities to strive for the effective provision of high quality inclusive education for all. EQUIP stands for:

Education-  We strive for a holistic approach to education which focuses on three core priorities: improving access, enhancing quality and strengthening education governance.

Quality- We aim to improve learning outcomes for children at primary and junior secondary level, while also boosting enrolment and retention rates among children in target communities.

Inclusive- We ensure that more children, particularly girls and children with disabilities, can access and complete quality primary and junior secondary education.

Participative- We engage with all those interested in improving standards of education in schools, such as children, parents, teachers, community and government leaders, are consulted.

EQuIP ensures that all those involved in supporting children’s education; such as teachers, school governors, inspectors and parents are fully trained and make schools a safe, friendly and welcoming place to learn.

Our impact in West Africa


Students Reached and Supported


Teachers and Principals Trained


Disabled Students Accessed

Recovering from Trauma of War

Following the military occupation of the Northern Malian city of Timbuktu, a Plan International Ireland programme is helping children surpass the trauma of armed conflict.

Plan International Ireland has introduced “Child Friendly Spaces,” a setting where children can learn, play and be children in a safe, secure setting.