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Become a Girls' Rights Advocate

Girls’ rights and equality is central to our work at Plan International Ireland. And ensuring girls’ and young women realise their right to sexual and reproductive health and have control over their lives and bodies are critical to achieving gender equality.

Gendered social norms, unequal access to education, gender-based violence, including child marriage, FGM and sexual exploitation, adolescent pregnancy, period poverty – all of these issues disproportionately impact girls and young women.  

We work with girls and their communities around the world to break down the barriers that prevent girls from reaching their potential and equip them with the knowledge and tools to build the future they deserve through our programmes and advocacy.

But our voices and actions are stronger together.

You can help spread the word and create change by showcasing your support on social media with our girls’ rights badges.

Show that you stand for Girls’ Rights by downloading your social badges below.

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Want to Learn More About Girls’ Rights?

Girls and children don’t just belong to their parents – they are individuals with their own rights. World leaders made this official with the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. It is the most widely ratified human rights treaty in history, making a promise to protect and fulfill the rights of children.

No Girl Should Miss School Because of Her Period
Plan International is working to ensure that no girl misses out on her education because of her period. This is Awa’s story. Read more
Promoting and Protecting Girls’ Rights in Guinea
Fatoumata, 20, is a young activist who is working to promote and protect the rights of girls in her community. Read more

How Does Plan International Support Girls and Young Women?

Prioritising access to education is central to our work. For example, during emergencies, Plan International strives to provide quality education opportunities that meet the needs of girls affected by humanitarian crises. Next to conflict zones, children in rural areas are also more likely to be out of school.

There are many barriers to education, especially for girls. These include gender norms and harmful practices. We work with children and their communities to break down these barriers and challenge the social norms, and attitudes that impact girls’ lives and prevent them from realising their rights.

“Because girls’ education leads to girls’ equality. ”

Hear From Girls Around the World

Children Return to the Classroom in Niger
“We used to sit four to a table in a straw classroom, today they have just built us new classrooms to help us study better,” says 12-year-old Hadiza. She is a pupil at one of two newly built classrooms that are part of Plan International’s accelerated learning programme in the Diffa region of Niger. Here children and especially girls who are out-of-school can catch up with their peers. Read more
Saying "Yes I Do" to Economic Independence
In Malawi Plan International’s Yes I Do project is taking action to challenge deeply rooted gender inequalities and social norms like child marriage. 21-year-old Rebecca learned tailoring and design skills and started her own business. Her goal now is to empower other young women to become independent like her. Through Plan International Rebecca learned about the negative consequences of child marriage and vowed to become an independent woman before getting married.  Read more

Want To Take Action?

Working together, with girls taking the lead, we are creating real change. But we need your help. Will you join us and become a girls’ rights advocate?

Help us spread the message – share your support and knowledge about girls’ rights with your community. Educate your peers and learn more about important topics around girls’ rights on a regular basis. Sign up and download your badge and infographics now. 

Become a Girls’ Rights Advocate
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